Property’s history

Picture a small vineyard nestling in the heart of the Bordeaux region, the world’s leading area for producing fine wines. Imagine a special place where the Chateau Haut Bonneau can be found, with its 22 “parcels” of land, each having been carefully selected over decades and planted with the best examples of merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon vines. A vineyard of vines with an average age of 45 years, but the story does not stop there.

It all began in 1822

M. Hubert DAVID, an agricultural engineer, bought and created in this year the property which he passed on to his son 50 years later in 1872. It was then called “Cru Bonneau près St. Emilion”, even before the creation of the AOC Montagne St Emilion in 1936.

In 1948 the property was left to M. Jean PAUBERT, who gave it the name “Chateau Oh Bonneau”.

Twenty years later, the name underwent another change to become “Chateau Haut Bonneau”, when it was acquired by M. Maurice MARCHAND. He developed the property and planted a selection of the best grape varieties and stock for grafting, adapted to the soil of each “parcel”.

And on to the new century

In 1999, M. Bruno MARCHAND enlarged the property by adding to it the property created in the 60’s by his grandparents in the commune of Petit Palais, in the AOC Bordeaux Rouge area. The same techniques were applied here, tending the vines, managing the yields, ensuring the creation of a great wine: CHATEAU LA CROIX DES DUCS.

Today the property covers 11 hectares and the continuity of the work of M, Maurice MARCHAND is ensured by his son Bruno and his wife Sarah. The main objectives remain – maximising the quality of the vineyard and the evolution of the wine-making techniques – in order to obtain a wine of great quality, worthy of the “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”, capable of satisfying as many of our customers as possible.


Portrait de Sarah et Bruno Marchand The whole knowledge of Sarah and Bruno is the result of a long family tradition going back to 1822 , the year when the first vines were planted at Château Haut Bonneau , in the heart of one of the first wine-growing regions in the world.Since 1999 Sarah and Bruno have worked to join the property in  "AOC Bordeaux rouge " , inherited from Bruno's grand-father ,with the one in " AOC Montagne St Emilion ". In 2002 they took over the running of the family property of Haut Bonneau , in 2008 they created a SCEA , which allowed them to add this last year two extra hectares of vines in AOC Montagne St Emilion ".